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Christopher van Riessen, Accountmanager

Christopher van Riessen - Account Manager

I was born in Voorburg and living in Zoetermeer. Here, I live with myself but my lovely girlfriend lives in the village Lunteren. In my spare time I like to sport, to watch football, TV-series and I once in a while I like to hang out with friends in the city. 
I've been working as Junior Account Manager since April 2014 at Mauer. I'm responsible for our accounts in the western part of The Netherlands. 
I see myself as customer-focused and honest. Core values that, in my view, are the key to a long-lasting, strong relationship.
I get energy from good conversations and I would like to come to appropriate solutions. Of course I like to meet you and discuss the various possibilities we as Mauer have to offer!

Frank Kapiteijn, Account Manager

Frank  Kapiteijn - Account Manager

 I am 49 years old and I am living with my wife Peggy in the nice small town Nuland in the southern part of the Netherlands. Nearby is the beautiful town Den Bosch wich is a perfect place to shop and to go out.
Me and my wife love to make far trips to Australia, New Zealand, China, United Stats and Thailand.

Besides traveling, I like gardening and riding my motor bike. And of course, during the summer, I love preparing meals on the barbecue. An important aspect in my job is that the customer comes first. He deserves a good advice and the feeling that he was helped with the best advice. In doing so, I am meeting a lot of different people which make every day for me different and challenging.

Justin Weijmer, Account manager

Justin Weijmer - Junior Account Manager

I am originally from the town Harderwijk and I've lived in Ermelo for about a year. Here I am living with my wife and our cat named Dave. I started working at Mauer in March 2017 and I am responsible for the accounts in the North-East part of the Netherlands. 

In my spare time I like to cook or have a drink with friends/family. Besides that I enjoy waching a movie on the couch. I am looking forward to advising you. Good & quick service are top priority for me! I 
I hope to shake hands with you personally very soon!

Niels Smit, Salesmanager

Niels Smit - Sales Manager

My name is Niels, born in Groningen and living in Amersfoort with my wife Judith and my two sons Mees and Joris + some pets. I am trying to be sporty by playing squash and running. I have been woriking for Mauer since 2005. The first six years I worked as a sales representative, and as of February 2011 as Sales Manager. Together with my collegues I am responsible tot streamline all sales related activities. 

I'm looking forward to personally speak to you, and exploring our opportunities!


Rosalie Beijer, Verkoopmedewerker binnendienst

Rosalie Beijer - Sales Department


I am 27 years and together with my husband Floris and son Maurits I live in the beautiful fishing village Bunschoten-Spakenburg. Together with collegues I like having a friday night drink. Eating out with friends is also something I really enjoy. I am not a real sport fanatic, but I join the Mauer running team for the annual Bussines run.
I have been working at the Mauer sales department for five years now and I really enjoy my job.
As a sales employee, together with the customer I'm looking for solutions, possibilities and looking forward to new challenges. Every day and every conversation is different, so there's always something to learn and to discover!

Tom Witzel, Verkoopmedewerker binnendienst

Tom Witzel - Sales Department

I am 30 years old and living in Amersfoort where I have a nice appartment of my own. In my spare time I like doing fun things with friends and family. And I like to sport regularly and watch good movies and series.

Flexibility, accuracy and integrity are my core values; customer satisfaction is the goal!
I am doing ths by accurately processing orders, enquiries and locking systems and adequately informing customers.

Sytske Pronk, Sales Support

Sytske Pronk - Sales Support

As Sales Support, I support the sales department from within. My focus is on administrative and secretarial work such as calendaring and scheduling meetings for our account managers. I also support the sales process: activities that are taking place before or after the sales process such as order processing and making quotations and master key systems.

If you would like to set up a meeting with one of our account managers I'm happy to help you!

Helga van Hamersveld, verkoopmedewerker binnendienst

Helga van Hamersveld - Marketing and Sales Department

Born and raised in Amersfoort but now living in the village Scherpenzeel for about ten years now. Here I am living very enjoyable with Jan and our two children. I like sports and mountain biking is one of my favorites. 
Since 2006 I've been working for Mauer and lots of master key systems have been elaborated by me. Besides that, I have focused my work in marketing related activities such as news letters, maintenance website, actions, and catalogues.

Jeff van der Vlugt, Projectmanager Electronics

Jeff van der Vlugt - Project Manager Electronics

I was born in the fantastic year 1977 and recently I moved with my wife and two children to a small village Woudenberg.
The beautiful surroundings offer a variety of possibilities for sports and recreation.
I enjoy running and biking, as well as a good movie and watching series.
As a project manager electronics I advise the custumer before and give installation support. Afterwards I offer the follow-up as help desk and support, both by telephone as at the spot.
I am guiding the transition from a mechanical to an electronical entrance system as smoothly as possible. 

Roelof Hoogers, Sales Director

Roelof Hoogers - Sales Director

I've worked for Mauer since August 2008. As Sales Director I am responsible for the sales of Mauer products in the Netherlands. In my spare time I love to run. But also listening to music is a great way to relax. Nowadays, I listen more to it than I make music myself.

My motto is (which I borrow from the Dalai LamaMijn motto is (welke ik leen van de Dalai Lama): When you talk, you repeat what you know. When you listen, you may learn something new.

Christiaan Bouw, Inkoper / Productmanager

Christiaan Bouw - Purchase / Product Manager

After I worked for 9 years at the sales department at Mauer, since the 1st of January 2014 I've been active in my current function as buyer and product manager. 

Yara de Wilde, Officemanager

Yara de Wilde - Office Manager

I am 25 years old and I live in a nice appartment in the centre of Lunteren. Besides my fulltime job at Mauer, my spare time fills up easily with fun activities with my boyfriend, friends and family.
I sport regularly and  I take part in the annual Business run with our Mauer team.
As Office Manager every day is different for me and that makes my job very enjoyable!
My daily tasks are to organise, to facilitate, to plan, to communicate and to support our customers and our staff. You can contact me at any time for an appointment, administrative questions and other information about Mauer.


Iet van Valkenhoef, Financial Controller

Iet van Valkenhoef - Financial Controller

Since 1993 I've been responsible for Mauer's bookkeeping. In addition, I'm busy with all HRM related cases.

Henri Hofmeijer - Medewerker Finance

Henri Hofmeijer - Finance Support

Since february 1, 2017 I support Mauer's financial administration as part of Assa Abloy Netherlands for several days a week.

Dave van der Vlugt - Technische dienstDave van der Vlugt - Technische dienst

As Warehouse Manager, I'm happy to answer your questions and preparing and sending your orders together with my staff I'm also happy to visit you for some installations or repairs! I've been working for Mauer since 2000!




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