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ELLsys®, the electronic master key system of Mauer® Locking Systems, excels in the amount of applications and implementation possibilities. These are linked to an extreme user-friendly way of system management. Because of the installation of and ELLsys® system the control management and security of buildings will be a lot easier!


The compact ELLcam® locker locks have a modern look and an ergonomic lock system, which can also be used as a handle. The locks have a large amount of benefits in using and controlling and are practicable with a code or a card. The locks can work independently from each master key system, but can also be combined with any other system. ELLcam® is very easy to use ánd to control!


ELLocks®, the electronic door furniture (handle based) of Mauer® Locking Systems, is usable in a lot of situations because of its Mifare transponder technology. Herewith, Mauer® distinguishes itself by not working with the data-on-card system but with an 'In the Cloud' software program. This program has been developed according the Keep It Simple principle: the management and security of buildings is enormously simplified. 





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